April and Paige, Tuck's Point, Manchester-By-The-Sea Wedding

April and Paige met on the softball field after bumping into into each other in the outfield. Literally, they collided into one another which caused Paige to drop the ball and give April a dirty look. Of course, there were no hard feelings (but maybe a couple of bruises) and after the game they were more formally introduced. They ended up talking all night.

Who could have predicted that crash would change their lives forever?

That summer led to some pretty exciting adventures for the two of them. They've played softball (lots of softball), basketball, and flag football together. They’ve run road races, done the Warrior Dash, finished a triathlon, and biked over the Golden Gate bridge. They’ve driven from Washington, D.C. to Massachusetts and from Massachusetts to Florida. They even managed to do it without driving each other crazy!

They bought a house and made a home in Rockport where they spend a lot of their time sitting on the rocks and watching the ocean. It’s where they fell in love.

April and Paige's Tuck’s Point wedding in Manchester-By-The-Sea was held on a beautiful summer day in August that encompassed all the things that are so important to their story and their lives. There were softball bats, lawn games, the ocean, friends, and family. Most of all, there was laughter and love everywhere.

Tuck's Point Wedding

Manchester by the Sea Wedding
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