Lauren and Kate, Engagement Photos, Lake Quannapowitt, Wakefield, MA

Lauren and Kate are completely enamored with snow; it's one of their favorite things. Snow was one of the things that they wanted most of all for their engagement photos at Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield, MA. They wanted as much snow as possible! We booked the engagement session for January in the hopes that a mid-winter date in Massachusetts would guarantee us some of the cold, white stuff. We came prepared with snow pants, mittens, and a sled.

When we met up at 1:00 in the afternoon, wouldn't you know, there was no snow. We maintained high hopes that the weather wouldn't let us down. We got started with a few photos and, just like magic, it started snowing. I guess if you wish for something hard enough it really might come true because we got more than just a few flurries. Once it started snowing, it didn't stop for quite some time. In fact, we ended up with a full-on blizzard and three feet of snow on the ground!

Lauren and Kate couldn't have been happier. Their winter snowy engagement photos are playful and fun, just like they are as a couple. Truth be told, even if the weather hadn't cooperated, I don't think anything would have gotten these two down. It was a beautiful shoot for a beautiful couple that included what they love most of all - each other.

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Mariah and Josh, Peabody, MA Wedding

Mariah found me through Facebook pages after her scheduled wedding photographer cancelled on her and she was scrambling to find a replacement. Talk about making a hectic time as stressful as possible. When you're researching and interviewing wedding photographers, make sure they have great referrals! The last thing anyone wants is to have to book a wedding photographer at the last minute. Mariah and I only spoke a couple of times before she asked me to photograph her wedding. I was so thankful that I wasn't booked that day and was able to be a part of their wedding!

It turned out to be a tremendous stroke of luck that her first photographer was unable to follow through. Mariah and Josh are a fantastic couple and their wedding was gorgeous and fun to photograph! We planned to take photographs morning of their wedding before the ceremony to capture some intimate and quiet shots of just the two of them. It was a little rainy and gloomy when I set out to meet them but when we arrived at Wakefield Lake to take advantage of the fall foliage the sun came out shining and it was beautiful! We got some great wedding photos there! When we were done we all headed to in a lovely Wakefield church for the wedding ceremony followed by the reception at the Holiday Inn in Peabody. Mariah and Josh had the time of their lives! It was an amazing day!

Since then Mariah has been a huge supporter of my wedding photography and recommends me to her friends and family on what feels like a weekly basis. I'm constantly amazed at how lucky I am to work with such wonderful people!

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