All pictures tell a story and most family and wedding  photos tell the same one: well dressed people composed with smiling faces. I think there's still a place for traditional wedding photos, but when those are done is when the fun begins. That's when the real moments happen and memories are made. Those are the stories I really love to be a part of!

I'm a north-of-Boston photographer based out of Lynnfield, MA. I love photographing just about anything, but people are by far my favorite subject. I want to do more than just document your day, I want you to pick up a photo that evokes all the emotion that you felt in that moment.

I take a unique approach to my photography because I know that not everyone loves to have their picture taken. People feel nervous and self conscious. The most important thing to me is making you feel comfortable. Once we get there (and we will, I promise!), it's about having fun! No inhibitions, no forced smiles. You won't even have to force a smile because you will be genuinely having a good time with the ones you love. When this happens, the real memories are created. It's these moments that will bring a tear to your eye for the rest of your life.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I believe my photos are worth a thousand emotions, a thousand memories.

Come join me, I promise you will have a fun ride.

David Volkmann...Your Life - My Lens