Ellen and Garret, Dedham, MA Wedding, Endicott Estate

In October 2015 Ellen and Garret had a classic New England wedding on a beautiful autumn day. Their wedding was held outdoors under a gazebo at Endicott Estate in Dedham, MA. Being chosen as their wedding photographer was very special because both the sister and brother-in-law of the bride are photographers. They were the ones who found me on Facebook, reviewed my portfolio, and then recommended me to the bride. I am always grateful when my customers refer me to their friends, but being selected and recommended by fellow photographers means a lot.

Dedham MA wedding photographer

Ellen and Garret exchanged gifts before the ceremony and I captured Garret reading the note to his bride-to-be. It was a simple but meaningful moment and my hope is that every time he sees this photo he'll remember exactly what he was thinking. 

Ellen is wonderfully photogenic and I took a lot of pictures that day. While reviewing the proofs she commented on a handful that she thought showed her making "funny faces." What she actually saw was candid moments where she was laughing and having fun on one of the most important days of her life. I reminded her that there were also some beautiful, modern and timeless photos of them so they should embrace the silly ones. After all, those are the ones that will make them smile the most years from now.

Ellen and Garret are an exquisite couple and I loved being a part of their perfect wedding day!

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