Katie and Tim, Quonquont Farm Wedding, Whately, MA

rainy day wedding photos

There's an old saying, a superstition, that rain on your wedding day is good luck. If that's true then Katie and Tim will be lucky for life! On a rainy September afternoon, Katie and Tim got married at Quonquont Farm in Whately, MA. Quonquont Farm is a beautiful location for a wedding with a restored 19th-century barn on a 140-acre farm and orchard. In preparing for their wedding day I started thinking about all the beautiful photos we'd have with that backdrop.

Then, despite Katie's bouquet of sunflowers, it rained. When I say it rained, I mean, it rained. The sky started pouring down early and it didn't stop. Not for the wedding, not anytime in the afternoon, nor into the evening. There are a lot of couples who would have been stressed out, frustrated, or disappointed. But not Katie and Tim. This is a couple who exemplified what a wedding is all about. It's about these two people, in love, celebrating their commitment to each other surrounded by love, regardless of what's going on outside.

Katie and Tim did more than just accept that it was raining; they embraced it and they had fun with it. I used a handful of umbrellas, protected my flashes and equipment with plastic wrap, and we set out to capture some memories in the rain. I have to confess, I've never been happier to have rain on a wedding day because we came away with one of my favorite wedding photographs to date.

In the end, they have some amazing photos and a really good story to tell about their Quonquont Farm wedding.

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rainy day wedding photography
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