5 Tips for Preparing for School Pictures

When I was a kid our school pictures were a little...unique. Unnatural backdrops with laser beams or terrible looking fake trees were the norm. It wasn't uncommon to find that the photographer didn't bother to fix a folded collar or help with hair askew. Then you had those printed picture options with hundreds of wallet-sized pictures.

I have a different approach to school pictures. Not only do I take the time to get multiple pictures of each child (and you get multiple pictures in case your favorites are different from mine!) but I deliver picture electronically. If you still want to print out a wallet picture, you can, but you can also just download it to your phone (that's how I share pictures of my daughters!)

Regardless of whether you get school pictures from me or another studio, here are some tips for preparing for picture day.

5 Tips for Preparing for School Pictures

1. Don't remind your child over and over again that they're having pictures taken. For younger ones, it just makes them anxious and full of nerves. Let me know once ahead of time that school picture day is coming up, and then let them know again that morning.

2. Send your child with a brush or a comb. The teacher or photographer can help smooth out fly-aways and do our best to maintain the hair style that you prepped that morning.

3. Dress them in a bit of color. Very heavy prints or patterns can take over but that doesn't mean you have to stick to solids. A subtle print or pattern on a favorite shirt or dress looks great, and color always pops better than neutrals on kids.

4. For the youngest ones, dress them in a different shirt or at least have a back-up. Juice dribbles happen and even though we try to schedule pictures earlier in the day, sometimes kids are too quick with the markers!

5. If your child is really nervous about having their picture taken, send them in with a favorite stuffed animal or very small toy. Picture day is a "special" day, so bringing a comforting toy can be a special way of easing nerves.